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added 1/21/2014
Learning to burp is not easy!! I drink a can of beer for you this time, and I even burp!! added 1/14/2014
I rub my belly and tease you. I lift and drop my belly, slap it, play with my belly button and make you wish you were here rubbing your cock on it!! added 1/7/2014
I pose and show off my huge calves, flexing them, bouncing the muscles, all the while being barefoot. Which also allows me to show off my crazy deep wrinkles, and HARD pointed toes. added 12/31/2013
Black thigh highs, black thong, and black bra. Then I layer a white tshirt and TIGHT white pants over the top. Add a pair of high heel boots and I'm dressed. Where ever am I going to go dressed like this?? To a bar? To a club? To the mall to tease all the pocketbook holding hubbies?? No, no....I'm going to the shower, silly!! added 12/10/2013
Appreciate my thick bbw body as I model for you and shake my ass and play with my tits!! added 12/03/2013
Are you ready to worship your new god?? You need no other. It's time to drop to your knees and worship your new god, MY Wrinkled soles!! added 11/26/2013
Watch me push up my nose into the cutest pig nose you've ever seen! I show you all angles and get so close you can probably see my nose hair! LMAO. I flare my nostrils and try to wiggle the tip of my nose too!!! added 11/19/2013
I had such a nice time on our date! I am so glad you asked me. The most interesting part of our date, was when you let slip how much you really enjoy a woman's legs. No, don't be embarrassed. I want to show you my legs. My legs are very muscular. Do you like that? Do you like my huge calf muscles and my thick thighs? Would you like to touch my legs? added 11/12/2013
I blow HUGE bubbles and let them pop all over my face. I chew my gum and play with my boobs, squeezing and rubbing them. These bubbles make my big boobs look positively SMALL! added 11/5/2013
I have been out running errands all day, wearing these delicious heels. I love them, but they make my feet stink!! That's right up your alley though isn't it. The thought of my stinky sweaty feet makes your pants considerably tighter! added 10/29/2013
Your wifey can't save you. Her feet are no match for mine. They don't even compare. It's my feet you crave. My feet you are addicted to. That's why you are here, buying videos of my feet. It's my wrinkled soles you need!! added 10/22/2013
As requested, I wear a sports bra to blow bubbles in this time!! And, it's orange!! I blow bigger and bigger bubbles, even a couple double bubbles. I slowly work my way out of my sports bra and blow even bigger bubbles. added 10/15/2013
I wear a sexy bikini and blow some of my biggest bubbles YET!! added 10/08/2013
Candace models her new black strapped boots! added 9/24/2013
From now on, I own your orgasms. What does that mean?? That means, you pay me every single time you want to jerk off!! Don't you love it?? How much, you ask?? Watch the clip and find out, it's a bargain if you ask me!! added 9/17/2013
My hair is slick and wet, my bathrobe is half off and I am blowing seriously huge bubbles!! added 9/10/2013
You are SO addicted to boobs. Especially huge, perfect boobs like mine. You are like a boob zombie...booooobs....booooooooobs. added 9/3/2013
I have blown up several balloons, some big some small. I take off my sexy wedge heels and step on each one of them until they bust into smithereens!! added 8/27/2013
I play with my belly. Sucking it in and pushing out. I try to wave the muscles, but No good, can't do it, lol. I bounce my belly up and down, and giggle about it.